Price May Change without Notice


94. Salt and Crispy Chicken
Deep-fried marinated chicken seasoned with salt and hot pepper.
95. Asian Sliced Beef
Sliced beef marinated in five-spice sauce, served cold with homemade sauce.
96. Tea Egg (1)
It is a typical Asian savory food commonly sold by street vendor in China as a snack. Pre-boiled egg is cracked and then boiled again in tea.
spicy 97. Corner 17 Spicy Sour Chicken
Cooked potato noodles, stirred with homemade spicy sour sauce and hot chili oil, topped with green onions, crushed red pepper flakes and steamed bone-in chicken.
98. Egg Roll (3)
fried roll
filled with celery, Chinese cabbage and threaded beef.
99. Steamed Pot Sticker (8) (Pork Filling)
Steamed dumplings stuffed with savory pork filling.
100. Veggies Spring Roll (3) 3.99
101. Pan-Fried Pot Sticker (8) (Pork Filling)
pan fried pork dumplings.
102. Chinese Pancake Pan-Fried with Green Onion Oil (5) 5.99
103. Sesame Ball - Red Bean Filling (5) 5.99
104. Fried Chicken Wings (5) 5.99
105. Fried Catfish 5.99
106. Crab Cheese Rangoon (5) 5.99